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What is Laser Engraving/Etching?

Laser Etching Machine

Laser engraving/etching is a process that creates marks on parts and products by melting their surface. 

All laser marking methods have one thing in common: the laser beam is pulsed, releasing sudden bursts of energy at specific intervals. 

Laser etching/engraving stands out when it comes to creating high-contrast markings. Whereas laser engraving only creates black marks, laser etching can be used to create both black and white marks. For this reason, laser engraving is usually used in combination with laser etching to create high-contrast engravings. Etching is generally better than engraving unless you need high resistance to abrasion.

Examples of Laser Etching and the many uses and materials that are laser etched

Is Laser Engraving/Etching Permanent?

Yes, laser etching/engraving is permanent. A laser etched/engraved mark will remain readable for the part’s useful life with better readability than other direct part marking technologies. In fact, laser etching/engraving can withstand non-abrasive treatments including e-coating, powder coating and heat treating.  

What Materials Can Be Etched/Engraved with a Laser?

Laser etching/engraving is a versatile process that can be used with almost any metal. The following list is non-exhaustive:

Aluminum - Aluminum is one of the most common materials in modern manufacturing. Laser etching of aluminum is an efficient, high-speed process during which laser radiation modifies the micro surface of the metal

Laser Etched Business Card

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Anodized Aluminum - Laser marking anodized aluminum is a selective process known as laser etching. The laser beam only removes the anodized layer from the aluminum piece, resulting in high-quality marks. The color of the mark is highly contrasted between the anodized aluminum and the laser-induced mark.  

Lead - Laser etching/engraving metal is done with a high energy pulse. It melts the metal, removing a thin layer of material from the surface. Lead is a material on which it is possible to generate black and white pixels. 


Magnesium - Laser marking magnesium allows the generation of highly contrasted marks through an optimized process that generates black marks on a white background. 

Steel - Laser marking is a permanent marking solution for the part identification and traceability of steel work pieces. You can rely on fiber lasers to mark all types of metal alloys, like anodized steel, carbon steel, die steel, and stainless steel. Laser marking can be used to mark data matrix codes, serial numbers, barcodes, and logos on steel work pieces.

Stainless Steel - Laser annealing is a marking method that provides permanent markings without affecting the protective layer (such as chromium oxide) of certain metals like stainless steel. 

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Zinc - Laser etching/engraving is a fast process that can create black & white markings on zinc and zinc alloys. You can etch/engrave barcodes, data matrix codes, QR codes, serial numbers, logos and even more on all types of zinc parts. 

Glass Key Chains Laser Etched
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