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Available Colors

Cerakote Elite Series

This is an oven-cure coating that will offer the most extreme corrosion and chemical resistance available. It comes in six earth-tone colors, and uses a type of advanced resin that allows it to be applied in thinner coatings, perfect for internal parts.  This means a lower coefficient of friction that rivals Teflon. It can be used on anything that will survive a trip in the curing oven, even wearables and sporting equipment, or even audio components. If you need a tough, thin finish, then the Elite series is the best of the batch.

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Cerakote H Series

The Cerakote H Series is probably the most common coating available. It isn’t as tough as the Elite series during lab tests, but it will still fight against corrosion and chemicals better than other available coatings, and it’s so popular that you can get the protection you need in almost any color imaginable, even gold. The H series is also a bake-on application, so no melting plastic pieces.

I The H Series works well on everything from dive watches, to fishing gear, to firearms. On parts where it’s possible, multiple layers can be added to handle wear better over time.

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Cerakote High Temp Firearms


When you need the maximum resilience to higher temperatures, a high temp coating is best. While the coating doesn’t give the same corrosion resistance as other series, the high-temp version of the H series is perfect for specific applications, for barrels, muzzle brakes, and suppressors. It’s great for engine components and exhaust pipes as well. The best thing about this coating, is that it is an air cure product, which means it can be used on things that you don’t want to toss in a curing oven. It might seem odd that the high-temp Cerakote variant would be the one that requires no baking, but that feature makes this the best overall choice for both products subjected to much higher temperatures, and those you wouldn’t dare to heat up for fear of them melting.

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